The School Of Alberta Ballet Professional Division

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 Interested in our 2017-2018 Auditions?

Our Canada Audition Tour will be taking place the weekend of November 10th and 11th, 2017.

Watch here for more updates about locations and times.

 Please note, Junior Auditions are for students who are entering grades 5 through 9 in the upcoming season. Senior Auditions are for students entering grades 10 through 12, and Post-Secondary. Teacher-Training Applicants should email to request an audition and interview.

Step 1: Audition Tour
Dancers aged 9 and up are invited to audition for the School of Alberta Ballet's Summer Intensive at one of the locations above. Auditions can also be arranged by video or in person in Calgary.

Step 2: Summer Intensive
Successful students will be accepted to the Summer Intensive. This three-week-long program is a challenging Intensive designed to provide aspiring dancers a chance to work with Company and School faculty, improving technique and artistry. The Summer Intensive simultaneously acts as the second stage of the audition process for students wishing to attend the full-year program. This gives the students and faculty alike a window into the full-year program, allowing students to experience the Professional Division environment while faculty assess student aptitudes.
Students who submit a video audition must complete the Summer Intensive before being accepted into the Full Year program. If a student is unable to attend the Summer Intensive (i.e., if they are an international student whose academic year is during the summer programming), they must coordinate a two-week long audition at the School with the Admissions Department.

Step 3: Full Year Acceptance
After the Summer Intensive, students and families will be notified of their acceptance status to the full-year Professional Division program. A deposit is required to reserve a place in the full-year.
Families are always welcome to arrange a personal tour of the School. Feel free to contact us at or phone 403.245.2274 x555 to schedule one at your convenience.
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