The School Of Alberta Ballet Professional Division



Grades 7-9

Students in grades 7 through 9 take the following courses:

  • Math                                                         
  • Science                                                    
  • English Language Arts                                  
  • Social Studies                                              
  • French as a Second Language       
  • Ballet
  • Dance
  • Music History
  • Performing Arts
  • Physical Education                  
  • Health and Life Skills
  • English Language Learners are enrolled in English as a Second Language classes rather than French as a Second Language. 

For additional information, visit Alberta Education’s My Child’s Learning: A Parent Resource

Grades 10-12

Grades 10, 11 and 12 Senior High School courses are credit based and follow Alberta Education Guidelines. Students select their courses in the spring each year based on Alberta High School Diploma requirements, along with requirements for post secondary, in consultation with their homeroom teacher and academic program coordinator. 

Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 can select the following courses:

  • English 10, 20, 30
  • Mathematics 10, 20, 30
  • Science 10, Biology 20, 30, Chemistry 20, 30
  • Social Studies 10, 20, 30
  • Career and Life Management – CALM
  • Physical Education 10, 20, 30
  • Ballet 15, 25, 35
  • Dance 15, 25, 35
  • Advanced Dance 15, 25, 35
  • Career Internship 10

For additional information, visit Alberta Education’s My Child’s Learning: A Parent Resource

For Alberta High School Graduation requirements visit Alberta Education’s website at

Senior High School

All high school courses require a mark of 50% or better to receive credit. A mark of 60% or better is required for placement in the next level of a given course sequence.  Diploma courses culminate with an Alberta Education Diploma Examination. A student’s achievement on such exams determines 50% of his/her overall course mark. The remaining 70% is based on coursework and school assessment completed throughout the year.

Support Services

Both in and out of the classroom, the School of Alberta Ballet endeavours to support all students. Teachers give extra help individually or in small groups whenever possible, before and after school, and in the classroom during regular school hours. In addition, where a student is experiencing difficulty attaining the level of skill required at any particular grade, tutoring may be recommended. Communication between parents and teachers is very important when students are struggling with the curriculum or language proficiency. Recommendations for counselling, testing, tutoring and psychological services can be accessed through the Calgary and Area Regional Collaborative Service Delivery.

Services are available to: 

  • Children and youth who attend a private school program Children and youth who are registered with Alberta Education in Early Childhood Services (ECS) to Grade 12 and who have mild/moderate needs in the areas of Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology, Physical Therapy and Mental Health.
  • Children and youth who have a low incidence disability, including blind/low vision, deaf/hard of hearing, deaf-blind and significant communication disabilities requiring the use of a speech generation communication device or augmented communication support.
  • Children and youth who need a coordinated plan for wrap-around service delivery through a cross-system, multidisciplinary team approach.

Calgary and Area RCSD puts emphasis on building the capacity of the school, community and family alongside the child. School-based staff, educators, families, service providers and community partners are able to access cross-sector training, capacity building and skill development to strengthen their ability to meet the needs of children and youth.

A range of the above services are provided through our partner organizations; please contact your school’s administration to obtain more information.

In some cases, it may be in the student’s best interest to be counselled by parents and teaching staff into alternate schooling.