Professional Graduate Program

Professional Graduate (PG) 

This two-year classical ballet certificate program offers training and  experience to students who are interested in pursuing a professional career in dance. Students will be eligible to receive a certificate at the succesful completion of the two year program.

  • Geared towards High School graduates who require additional training before auditioning for professional companies.
  • Provides potential performance and touring experience with Alberta Ballet.
  • Allows students to explore various aspects of professional dance life within the 35-hour dance week, including classical ballet technique, pointe work, pas de deux, contemporary, men’s classes and conditioning.

Auditions for the Professional Graduate program are held during our annual audition tour. If accepted after the tour, students must attend the Summer Intensive or complete an extended audition to be considered for the Full-Year program.

The School of Alberta Ballet is committed to supporting all students including International Students.

The PG program can be taken in conjunction with the part-time Teacher Training Program.  Applications for the Teacher Training Program are acquired by setting up an interview and audition by contacting