Jennifer Mariani, Licentiate CSC-CICB; RAD TC; NBS Dip; AISTD

Ballet Teacher

Jennifer Mariani began her training in Harare, Zimbabwe under June Cloete and later joined the School of the National Ballet of Zimbabwe. She continued her training as both a professional dancer and a teacher at Northern Ballet School in Manchester, England. Miss Mariani trained in classical ballet as well as contemporary dance and studied anatomy, music, psychology of teaching and history of dance. She graduated first in her class with Honours. Miss Mariani also holds the NBS teaching Diploma, the RAD teaching Diploma, the ISTD associate Diploma and most recently has attained her Cecchetti Licentiate.

Before moving to Canada, Miss Mariani returned to her native Zimbabwe to perform with the National Ballet of Zimbabwe and the Tumbuka Contemporary Dance Company as well as teaching the Dance Foundation Program whose graduates are drafted into Tumbuka and the National Ballet. She also initiated the Dance for All program which took classical ballet into remote, underprivileged areas of Zimbabwe and orphanages in order to share her passion for ballet with children who do not have the opportunity to dance.

Miss Mariani has taught and performed in many countries including Zimbabwe, United Kingdom and Switzerland. In Canada she choreographed the opening ceremony of the British Columbia Winter Games in 2004 as well as numerous other productions for which she received several awards. 


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