Open Division Calgary

Preschool Classes 2016-17

Introduce your preschooler to the world of movement with the School of Alberta Ballet's Preschool Program. Classes are tailored to encourage fun, creativity and a love of dance through movement to music. Classes range from 30 to 45 minutes in length and are accompanied by live music.

Our Boys Only Preschool classes give children the chance to work off extra energy while establishing a strong foundation with our exceptional teachers. Boys' classes offer incredible value at $175 per year.

Please read the HANDBOOK before completing your registration.

Preschool Classes - Fall 2017-18 (open for registration)

Please note, a $50.00 mandatory production fee is added to all base classes for participation in the Year End Performance. This amount is not listed in the class price, but will be added on during registration. This includes unlimited access to the production video.

Fall 2017-2018 Sessional classes will run Saturday, September 8, 2017 to Saturday, December 17, 2017.

2017-2018 classes will run Friday, September 8, 2017 to Saturday, June 2, 2018.

Level Age Schedule Price
PS 1A 3 Monday 5:00-5:30pm $495
PS 1B 3 Saturday 9:45-10:15am $495
PS 1C 3 Saturday 11:15-11:45am $495
PS 2A 4 Wednesday 5:00-5:45pm $745
PS 2B 4 Saturday 10:15-11:00am $745
PS 2C 4 Saturday 11:45-12:30pm $745
PS 3A 5 Thursday 5:15-6:00pm $745
PS 3B 5 Saturday 9:00-9:45am $745
PS 3C 5 Saturday 11:00-11:45am $745
*NEW* PS 3D 5 Saturday 11:00-11:45am $745
PS 1 Boys 3 Saturday 9:00-9:30am $175
PS 2/3 4-5 Tuesday 6:15pm-7:00pm $745
PS 2/3A Boys 4-5 Saturday 10:30-11:15am $175
PS 1-3 Sessional Sept-Dec 3-5 Sunday 10:30-11:15am $330